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mazas virtuves dizains studio tipa dzīvoklī | Albero Mēbeles

Built-in kitchen in a studio apartment

CabinetsMatt acrylic
WorktopDark gray laminate
Price5000 EUR
DateJune 2018

We created kitchen furniture for a lovely couple in a new apartment building, Imantas Ozoli, which merged with the hallway furniture and TV chest of identical material. Kitchen cabinet doors and wardrobe doors of approximately 3m in width are made of matt acrylic – light gray Supermatt. We compare this shade to cashmere gray. A dark gray matching laminate is used for the worktop. The upper cabinets are opened by the front overhang, while the floor cabinets have comfortable silver colour handles. Of course, you cannot do without LED lighting, especially in this small apartment where kitchen furniture LED lighting is one of the main light sources in the room.


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