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Matt acrylic kitchen furniture set

CabinetsGray SUPERMATT acrylic
WallHPL panel
Price2700 EUR
DateNovember, 2018
LocationAdamova, Latvia
DesignStudio Minlu

We believe this kitchen furniture suits very well to a renovated house on the outskirts of the city surrounded by a wide garden, nature, and silence. The gray color of the interior is perfectly matched with brighter and lighter shades and mottled motifs, creating a beautiful background for everything else. Not just in this kitchen, gray plays the key role here.


Furniture doors with overhangs are made of gray SUPERMATT acrylic; the top is made of laminate, which is matched with HPL wall panel in Walnut Ecco shade. The named material occasionally appears on some open shelves as a decorative element. In this case, as usually, we have used only the high quality BLUM fittings which will serve the owners of this two-piece and spacious kitchen for a long time. It should be noted that the shade of the worktop and wall panel of this project is matched to the house’s window frames, creating a unity of colors used. The always-modern black color appears in floor cabinet handles and kitchen appliances. The built-in LED lighting creates a particularly warm atmosphere in the kitchen.


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