Built-in wardrobe for elegant bathroom

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Built-in wardrobe

DoorsWhite laminate
Price1300 EUR
DateDecember 2018
LocationBaltozoli, Riga

The white built-in wardrobe with sliding doors in an industrial and open-air bathroom brings a feeling of airiness and freshness/cleanliness. We have not forgotten about a functional and comfortable layout of shelves and drawers, so that the customer can conveniently place and then find the necessary items. Briefly, a nice addition to a non-standard design space – a large built-in wardrobe for both clothes and bath accessories.

The white color gives the interior a refreshing and clean look. It is used to create an airy and peaceful atmosphere. In addition, when white is used in furniture, it gives the impression that the furniture is bigger and taller than it really is.


Contact us if you would like to install custom built-in wardrobes in your home. Call +371 29 444 314 or send a message to info@alberomebeles.lv.


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