Built-in wardrobes

A built-in wardrobe with sliding doors will always find a place in your home – whether it is the hallway or a bedroom. Sliding doors allow you to experiment with their material, color, decor, handles. It is possible to install different types of sliding door combinations, individually tailored to the customer’s needs.

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Kitchen furniture

Kitchen furniture must embody the wishes, needs, and dreams of its owners. Whether it is natural materials, unbelievable colors, shapes, and textures, non-standard room or breathtaking design – we will do it, we will deliver you perfect custom-designed kitchen furniture.

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Solid wood furniture

Albero Furniture offers a wide range of solid wood items, starting with simple interior elements – shelves, to modern furniture – tables, chairs, counters, wooden worktops. All furniture or their parts from solid wood are custom-made by our carpenters. Remember, wooden furniture can serve generations!

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Office furniture

One of our specialties is creative design solutions for office space and constructive, comfortable cabinet furniture for your workplace. Office furniture is based on the need to combine modernism, functionality, and aesthetic pleasure. As it happens, office is our second home.

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