Built-in wardrobes


Built-in wardrobes in a home provide easy access to clothing and other items that we use regularly or less frequently. Shelves, drawers, hangers – everything must be functionally planned and integrated in the furniture, so that the customer can conveniently organize their belongings, find and assemble clothes and footwear every day, and place or hide from the guests’ eyes other everyday items.

Albero Furniture specialists will come to you, hear out your wishes and needs, make measurements, and consult on the best built-in wardrobe design for your home, as well as develop free 3D sketches for your project.

As with other furniture, you can choose the most suitable material, the most appropriate shade and the most convenient fittings for your built-in wardrobe. Believe us: the size of your wardrobe does not matter if a designer helps with advice. Both large and small wardrobes can be turned into ergonomic storage.


A built-in wardrobe with sliding doors will always find a place in your home – whether it is the hallway or a bedroom. Sliding doors allow you to experiment with their material, color, decor, handles. It is possible to install different types of sliding door combinations, individually tailored to the customer’s needs.

A wardrobe with hinged doors is a classic and functional solution. It can be refreshed with a modern door material, newest fittings, and paired with an LED light sensor that will illuminate the wardrobe contents as soon as the door is opened.

WALK-IN wardrobes will give you a home-like feeling, when all your belongings are superbly observable and its spaciousness delights your heart. Installing a mirror inside will allow you to get ready for the day or evening without leaving it.

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