Kitchen furniture

Kitchen is the heart of every home; that is an undeniable fact. Furniture must embody the wishes, needs, and dreams of its owners. Whether it is natural materials, unbelievable colors, shapes, and textures, non-standard room or breathtaking design – we will do it, we will deliver you custom-designed kitchen furniture!


Custom-made furniture for every client allows you to use every inch of available space wisely and correctly, to implement an exclusive design project that meets your individual needs. We offer our customers a vast choice of materials and fittings. We carry out our furniture projects in close cooperation with the best European suppliers of raw materials and fittings suppliers in Latvia. Customers have access to comprehensive collections of materials and colors, as well as an extensive range of fittings. We are confident in the quality of the raw materials used in manufacturing our kitchen furniture and thus in the durability of the implemented projects.

One can feel an artistic touch in Albero Furniture kitchens. Among our completed projects, you will find both explicitly contemporary kitchen equipment as well as modern design kitchens with traditional shapes and details, and vice versa. Surfaces are durable and functional, tailored to fit customers’ lifestyle and habits. One of the most important requirements for built-in kitchen furniture is functionality. We believe in easy and comfortable living and we help our customers to use effectively the space for their new furniture by choosing the right fittings and accessories.

The advantage of custom-made furniture is that it can be fitted with a variety of personalized light fixtures to provide the lighting you need. You can experiment and choose different levels of lighting that can be turned on individually and adapted to the situation.

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