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One of our specialties is creative design solutions for office space and constructive, comfortable cabinet furniture for your workplace. Office furniture is based on the need to combine modernism, functionality, and aesthetic pleasure. As it happens, office is our second home.

We manufacture, supply and install furniture for various types of office space, ranging from open-air workstations, individual offices, and conference rooms to reception furniture, restaurant, public, educational, and medical office furniture. Our office furniture solutions form the workspace as a whole, which improves the working capacity of office occupants. Albero Furniture strongly insists that office furniture projects must be innovative, ergonomic, sustainable, and visually appealing. Office furniture should be a convincing choice with the long-term benefits in mind.

Our office furniture has a beautiful design and high quality, which prevents external factors from quickly affecting the value and appearance of the furniture. Albero Furniture takes responsibility for every step of the work process, from selection of raw materials and production to delivery and installation of office furniture in accordance with the approved design concept at the customer specified location. When manufacturing office furniture, we are not afraid to combine solid wood with other high-quality materials, since, as already mentioned, furniture has a long-term impact on the company’s performance and results.


Contact us if you would like to install custom-made furniture in your office. Call +371 29 444 314 or send a message to

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