Solid wood furniture


Furniture and elements of oak, ash, pine, spruce or other wood add a rich and sophisticated look to the room as a whole, at the same time creating a cozy and warm atmosphere.

For 15 years already, Albero Furniture artisans have been professionally working with solid wood and creating unforgettable masterpieces that adorn clients’ homes. We make custom-made furniture or its parts from solid wood, knowing the size and choosing the right wood shade and texture, so that every customer gets exactly what they have wanted and dreamed of. Albero Furniture offers a range of solid wood products ranging from the simplest interior elements – shelves to modern furniture – tables, counters, solid wood surfaces. The wood used in the work comes from Latvian and Scandinavian forests, which have been properly stored and treated for years to make furniture last even longer. Our wooden furniture units combine form and function with the artistry developed by our carpenters over time. Remember, solid wood furniture can serve generations if it is spared, respected, and properly cared for.


Contact us if you would like to install custom-made wooden furniture in your home. Call +371 29 444 314 or send a message to

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